Saturday, 28 February 2009

first sniffings

so you found me, then. willow here, dashing dandie dinmont extraordinaire. what? you've never heard of me? let me enlighten you then. i am the latest in a long line of literary dinmonts--we've been inspiring writers for centuries. walter scott? he modelled that dashing young lochinvar on a dinmont--well obviously. agatha christie? how else did she nose out all those crimes except with dinmont assistance? dorothy parker? who do you think told her that the cure for boredom is curiosity? dinmonts are renowned for it. and then john galsworthy...he couldn't have written all that stuff about society and that without a dinmont to spy it all out for him. dinmonts are really good at sneaking about and listening to stuff they shouldn't. anyway, now there's me. my author person lucy coats writes children's books and you can read about her stuff here. you can also read my interview about her if you want some real dirt. paws tired now, and i still can't work out this shift key thing. more sniffings from me soon. this blogging thing is exhausting....snoooooorrrre.


  1. Hi Willow!

    Congrats on your new blog--it's COOL! Now you can threaten Lucy to write about her every time she gets on your doggie nerves.


  2. sort of like 'i've got one nerve left and she's on it'? that'll be easy then--she's always getting on my nerves.


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