Tuesday, 26 May 2009

back at last...

aha! the writer person is out, she's left the computer in the kitchen and i can get my paws on the laptop at last. she's been carrying it around like a baby and hogging it for months and my arthritis hasn't let me up the stairs to the big plugged in one. been a big day today--finally managed to do my piece for the lovely editor at the dandie dinmont magazine who has been so flatteringly interested in me. naturally i agreed to write about myself. what subject could be more relevant to the world? told the story of how i was a burglar-biting puppy hero (you'll just have to wait to hear that one), and let them into the secret of my favourite food. nearly strawberry picking time again, that's all i'll say right now. oh blasted bonestealers. here she comes. no time for a picture even. more tomorrow, paws crossed.....


  1. Glad to see you could hijack the laptop and update us! Now what will tomorrow bring? :)

  2. puppy news, i hope! i've been lumbered with a thing called a teckel. takes a bit of educating in manners.

  3. ps thanks for joining up--only another 1 million to go before i catch you up!


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