Sunday, 1 March 2009

chewing it over...and over

the author person has just mentionioned she's going off again. what is it with her? world book day or week or something? what about world neglected dinmont week then? but i've got something planned to punish her. there's a nice hole in the big bed, just under the tartan cover. i've been working at it for weeks, even though my bdf the wimpy weasel (bdf=best doggy friend, keep up can't you) says we'll get in trouble for it. trouble is my middle name. i thrive on trouble. anyway, the plan is to pull out all the nice fluffy wooly bed insides and scatter them over the kitchen for her return. i can't wait for the shrieking and swearing bit when she finds it really really late at night. ha! leave a dinmont home alone at your peril, i say. right. off to do a little more surreptitious tearing...will keep you posted as to results. see those innocent dandie eyes in the photo? how could they possibly do anything evil and wrong.

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  1. Off again? Talk about parental neglect! She should be ashamed of herself. I also have a photo with angel eyes, and I'm going to use it when I announce your new blog today...
    Just keep working on that hole, it'll be a sweet surprise when she gets back...



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